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Baji999 is an expert in the online cricket betting industry, created by a team with rich experience.

As a representative website of online cricket betting, Baji999 has a large number of registered members in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. More importantly, Baji999 has established a high reputation in South Asia and is world-renowned for its high-quality games and services, giving partners more advantages and competitiveness in promotion!

Joining the Baji999 Affiliate Program, you can stand on the shoulders of the giant Baji999 and build an enviable online casino business!

If you want to realize the ideal of wealth and freedom, joining Baji999 Affiliate Program is the fastest shortcut!

The most important mission and vision of Baji999 Affiliate Program is to assist all business partners to succeed in entrepreneurship. Based on the foundation laid by Baji999, reduce investment risks and increase profits!

Baji999 Affiliate Program helps you escape the framework of exchanging time and labor for money. It is an automatic way to make money and create passive income for all partners!

Entrepreneurship is not only about finding the most suitable person, but also finding the most successful person. And Baji999 is the right person you have been searching for for a long time!

Baji999 has helped countless Affiliate Program participants achieve success and wealth. A good evaluation cannot be established overnight, it is a long-term accumulation, and only truly capable experts can stand the test of the industry.

Baji999 holds a legal license issued by Gaming Curacao and has a goodwill operation team, which is the key to winning the recognition of all partners!

How does Baji999 Affiliate Program work ?

Use various channels to promote Baji999

Join Baji999 Affiliate Program and you will get a unique link to promote Baji999.It is not difficult to successfully promote Baji999, because Baji999 is a well-known brand, and it can be said that everyone in the South Asian market knows it.

You can use various channels to promote Baji999, for example: your own website, social media, email or paid advertisements. You can even create helpful content like reviews, guides, and tutorials to entice potential customers to sign up.

Customers Generate Net Profit

When the user clicks on your unique Affiliate Program link, and completes the registration and deposit at Baji999 to start betting, it also means that you are ready to start making money!

The point is, if you can attract more users to Baji999 to register, deposit and bet, the users can create more net profit for Baji999, and you can get more commissions.

You will get amazing commissions

If you are a master who is good at online marketing, then joining Baji999's Affiliate Program is the best choice! You can introduce the world's best online cricket betting platform to others and make money at the same time!

Specifically, how much commission can participants of Baji999's Affiliate Program get? You can earn 40% of total net profit, which is a very amazing figure!


Learn about the commission structure of Baji999 's Affiliate Program

Baji999's Affiliate Program
After deducting the customer's winning or losing amount, as well as an 18% deduction for operating costs, bonuses, and payment fees, those who join this program can get a commission of 40% of the total net profit.

In addition, the bonus is the promotion bonus + VIP cash bonus, and the payment fee is (Deposit amount x2%)+(Withdrawal amountx 1.5%)

Join Baji999 Affiliate Program now for


No doubt, joining the Baji999 Affiliate Program is completely free and we will not charge you any fees!

So, how to join such a good plan? In fact, you only need to register an account, you can build a great business with Baji999, and promote a trustworthy betting platform to cricket fans in South Asia.Give full play to your marketing expertise and let more people know about Baji999. You can not only gain a sense of accomplishment at work, but more importantly, you can get a lot of commissions!

How to register an account for Baji999 Affiliate Program?

icon Step 1: Open the browser

Open the browser and visit text-web
website. You will be able to see the registration/login button in the upper right corner of the website page, download
and select Sign Up right-click press OK register a new account!

icon Step 2: Fill in relevant information


First, you must provide a unique registered user name, including lowercase letters and numbers. Then, enter 6-20 characters in the password option, including letters and numbers. Next, enter the set password again in Confirm Password!

In addition, choose the currency of the country you want to cooperate with, for example: if you want to promote in Bangladesh, please choose BDT, India is INR, and Pakistan is PKR!


Among other things, users are required to provide their full name, date of birth that matches their ID, a valid phone number, and email. In "other", you can also enter any social media numbers you have. In the "Referrer" option, you can leave it blank, or fill in the username of any friend who wants to recommend you. Finally, in "Verification Code" enter the code shown on the screen.

icon Step 3: Only one step left to get rich


First, you must provide a unique registered user name, including lowercase letters and numbers. Then, enter 6-20 characters in the password option, including letters and numbers. Next, enter the set password again in Confirm Password!

In addition, choose the currency of the country you want to cooperate with, for example: if you want to promote in Bangladesh, please choose BDT, India is INR, and Pakistan is PKR!

About receiving Affiliate Program commissions!

What are the weekly commission payout requirements?
Commission will be paid latest on the following Wednesday from the day the last period ended, into the affiliate’s account. Only qualify for the commission payout if the following conditions are fulfilled:
  1. Have 5 or more active affiliated players within the period (from Sunday 10pm to next Sunday 10pm);
  2. Completed affiliate KYC;
  3. Minimum commission payout amount will be at least 3000 BDT/INR;
  4. Affiliates will not be allowed to withdraw if they have NCF (Negative Carry Forward);
  5. Joined Baji Affiliate Telegram Channel.
What is Negative Carry Forward?
Members who join the Baji999 Affiliate Program, please pay attention, you must understand what Negative Carry Forward (NCF) means? Because it is related to your commission!

Negative Carry Forward (NCF) means that you have lost commission within a week, which also means that players who come through your affiliate link win money in Baji999 betting. NCF will be marked with red color, and users will not receive any commission until it is cleared!

Refer your friends to join now!

If you have joined Baji999’s Affiliate Program and you have received generous commissions every week, you must be wondering if there is a way to earn more? The answer is that you invite more friends to join Baji999’s Affiliate Program !

Secretly tell you a good news, as long as you help anyone to create an Affiliate Program member account, you will be able to receive a commission of 2.5% of the monthly actual net profit of the member, this is what we call the Affiliate Referral Program!

arrow Become a member of
"Baji Affiliate: Hall of Fame"! arrow

In order to stimulate the greater potential of affiliates, we launched "Baji Affiliate: Hall of Fame"! As long as you complete the specified conditions, you can enter "Baji Affiliate: Hall of Fame"!

It's not just honors and titles, it's about earning real money back! Get rewarded with a Bonus Commission up to ৳/₹550,000, 4 Gold/Silver Rings, and a 10% Extra Commission Rate! I trust your excellent marketing , getting into "Baji Affiliate: Hall of Fame" is as easy as pie!

What resources does Baji999 provide for affiliate marketing?

In order to help affiliates to promote and market better, Baji999 provides banner ads of different sizes to be published on various social media sites.

There are many sizes of banner ads, including

  • 300x300
  • 900X299
  • 1174x436
  • 1080x1080
  • 1466X1060
whether it is the first deposit discount, sports refund, Cash Rebate, Sports Cash Rebate, Slot & Fishing Bonus, etc., Baji999 is the most powerful backer!



is so important!

All affiliates should know KYC!

If you are going to join Baji999’s Affiliate Program, please take a few minutes to understand what is KYC? This is so important to you!

KYC is the acronym for Know Your Customer! KYC review is to require financial service providers to identify and verify their customers, in order to prevent money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism.

What can we do for KYC?

Baji999 has a legal obligation to verify the user's identity, age, location and source of funds, etc., to ensure that our users and platform will not be harmed by bad behavior and fraud.

If the KYC review is not thoroughly implemented, there is a high risk that the platform may be used for money laundering, or even used by dangerous organizations to absorb funds. Therefore, if you want to join Baji999’s Affiliate Program, knowing KYC review is a homework you must understand!


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