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Throughout March, the Canadian Premier League will celebrate the contributions and showcase the impact of the women of the Canadian Premier League. We are proud to recognize the influence the women of our League have on our community both individually and collectively. We hope their stories inspire girls and women to see a future in our beautiful game, whether on the field or off of it, because if she can see it, she can be it.

Today, Dr. Danielle Braidwood, Team Physician, Atlético Ottawa, Mylène Gagné, Athletic Therapist, Valour FC, and Melissa Allen, Performance Dietitian, Halifax Wanderers, share their experience working in player health: 

The doctor’s first introduction to the world of sport medicine was in high school when she worked as a ski patroller. From there, she earned undergraduate and medical degrees, practiced family medicine, and completed a fellowship in sport medicine.

With Atlético Ottawa, a lot of the action for Braidwood happens outside the 90 minutes when the team is playing.

“The action is leading up to, in preparation for, and then follow-ups,” she said. “Your hope is that during the game you’re actually just sitting on the bench and not doing anything. If that’s the case, that means everything is going well.”