In the high-octane world of T20 cricket, the role of a head coach is not merely about strategizing or working on the techniques; it’s about creating the right environment, instilling a winning mentality, and getting the best out of the squad. Lance Klusener, the head coach of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, stands as a prime example of this approach.

As the 2023 Caribbean Premier League (CPL) season unfolds, the Guyana Amazon Warriors find themselves in a strong position, securing the second spot with 11 points from six matches. With four more games scheduled to be played on their home turf, the team’s performance has been nothing short of impressive. Yet, what sets Klusener apart is his resolute stance against resting players, especially ahead of significant matches.

Lance Klusener Guyana Amazon Warrior

Speaking at a media conference in Guyana, just before the crucial face-off against the defending champions, the Jamaica Tallawahs, Klusener made his viewpoint on player rest clear, stating, “We don’t want players coming in cold to any games. If we get into that position, we will think about that, but it is not really on the front of our mind now. It’s important that we get over the line in every single game, and then we will deal with whatever more games we need to play.”


In an era where player rotation and rest have become common practice, Klusener’s approach may seem unconventional. However, his stance underscores a core belief – players must justify their presence on the field. For Klusener, resting players is a privilege not every franchise team should afford.


Klusener reiterated that he is not big on resting people. He believes it’s a privilege to play for any franchise team. He does not see anyone putting up their hands for a rest right now. He believes that the team just has a few niggles, which can be managed. One of the things they really work hard on is keeping players fresh.


This approach comes from a coaching stalwart who knows what it means to be in the trenches. Klusener, who represented South Africa, played 49 Tests and 11 ODIs for his nation between 1996 and 2004. His extensive experience as a player is now translated into a coaching role where player fitness and freshness remain paramount.


Klusener assumed the role of head coach for the Guyana Amazon Warriors just weeks before the CPL 2023 tournament commenced. His no-nonsense stance on player rest seems to have been a critical factor in the team’s performance this season. Currently, Guyana stands out as the only unbeaten team in the tournament.


As the 2023 CPL season enters its fifth and final leg, the Guyana Amazon Warriors are slated to face the defending champions, the Jamaica Tallawahs, in a high-stakes encounter. The upcoming matches are set to test their mettle as they square off against the St. Lucia Kings, the Trinbago Knight Riders, and the Barbados Royals, all in a span of five days.


The playoffs, scheduled from 19th to 24th September, promise exciting and nail-biting cricket moments. For the Guyana Amazon Warriors, it’s an opportunity to shine when it matters most and push for the coveted CPL title.


Despite their numerous appearances in the finals, the Guyana Amazon Warriors are yet to clinch the championship. Under Klusener’s guidance, they are building a team with a different mentality, one that values consistency, fitness, and performance, and dismisses the idea of rest when there are battles to be fought and won.


As the 2023 CPL season unfolds and teams strive for glory, the Guyana Amazon Warriors’ uncompromising stance on player rest offers a refreshing twist in the world of T20 cricket, where the desire to play every game and win every match becomes the cornerstone of their approach to success.