cpl teams_cpl cricket betting_Are North Americans Sleeping on the A-League?

The match started off fairly mundane with neither team really doing much. Each team was just feeling out each other to see where they were at. Both teams are fairly evenly matched with Adelaide sitting in fourth at the time of the game and Sydney sitting in third. It was the 32nd minute when the game started to get good. Adelaide got a penalty kick which they converted which opened the flood gates for both teams. Sydney got one back in the 46th, followed by Adelaide in the 49th, then Sydney again in the 50th and 63rd minute to take the lead for the first time. Adelaide followed up with a goal in the 67th and 79th minute only for Sydney to take the lead in the 90+5 minute of injury time to tie up the game 4-4. This game had everything, penalty kicks, wonder goals, and red cards. 

For the majority of people in Canada the A-League doesn’t come to mind when they think of soccer to watch during the off season. Instead they think of the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga etc. and for good reason to, those are the relatively more accessible options to watch, and most likely the majority of people didn’t even know that Australia had a league or how they would go about watching it. Personally I would of thought that in order to watch the A-League I would need some such expensive niche streaming service, similar to how if you wanted to watch the Scottish Premier League. Instead the games are streamed live on YouTube on the KeepUp channel, which makes the games extremely accessible and cheap. The A-League is also the perfect league to turn to for the CPL fan, with the CPL running from April to October and the A-League running from October to April you get almost no cross over but yet a whole year of soccer.